Reed Thompson
Brandon W. Smith
Brandon, the Captain of the TortTeaser, lives in Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina.  Brandon is an attorney and owner of Smith Law, LLC.  Brandon grew up fishing in Southeastern North Carolina, and can be found fishing typically from Hilton Head, SC, Edisto Beach, SC, Holden Beach, NC or Key Largo, FL.  Brandon's team responsibilities include maintaining the boat and equipment, logistical preparation for the tournament, tying the rigs, running the boat and gaffing the Smoker Kings.
Lovick N. Hornsby, III
Lovick lives in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.  He is a residential builder and owner of Bay Creek Builders, LLC and Bay Creek Home Inspections, LLC.  Lovick is Mary Coleman’s brother (and Brandon’s brother-in-law).  Lovick serves as the First Mate and his team responsibilities include angling and running the deck.
Gregory R. Weathers
Greg lives in Pawleys Island, South Carolina.  He is an attorney as well as an experienced fisherman on the SKA.  Greg is the sole member of Weathers Law Firm, LLC and is also co-counsel with Smith Law, LLC.  Greg and Brandon met the first day of Law School at the University of South Carolina, and fishing was quick common passion they realized they shared.  Greg serves as the alternate Co-Captain and his team responsibilities include running the boat, angling, and gaffing.
Chris Prince
Chris lives in Bluffton, South Carolina.  He is the owner of Cool Cat Sportfishing based out of Skull Creek on Hilton Head Island, SC.  Chris’s responsibilities include tying rigs, angling, gaffing and terrain logistics.

I would like to introduce the core members of The TortTeaser Fishing Team who fish the Southern Kingfish Assocation Mercury Professional Kingfish Tour and Mercury Tournament Trail, as well as other offshore tournaments.  We are a very competitive group who recognizes what it takes to win and have worked hard to qualify ourselves as competitors in the sport of fishing.

Ryan Boone

Steve Barnes
Pinckney (Alex)ander Pournelle IV
Newton Hornsby